Green Bay & Brown County will likely begin to see the effects of the Emerald Ash Borer this spring.  The EAB bug was first found in the port of Green Bay in 2009 and we are about to see its impact.  The most visible symptom of EAB infestation is crown die back or crown thinning.  Another visible sign are sprouts of new growth off the trunk especially around the base of the tree and sometimes woodpecker activity is a potential sign that your trees could be infected.  It is also possible to find D-shaped emergence holes however, they are quite small and typically found high up in the trees canopy.  In any event EAB is here and if you wish to protect your tree from EAB you need to explore treatment options to prevent the bug from killing your tree.

Springview Landscape is state licensed and is treating Ash trees with TREE-age® insecticide.  It is important to not wait until your tree is showing symptoms of EAB.  Do not wait for visible dieback in the canopy, as there is likely significant disruption already taking place in the tissues of the tree.

When To Treat

Spring / Summer / Fall

Injections can be made in any part of the growing season.  Injection of TREE-age® will protect your tree by killing the insect in the larval stage and also prevent the beetles from feeding and laying eggs in the tree.