Outdoor living space design in Green Bay - completed project

If you were looking for expert outdoor living space design services in Green Bay – you came to the right place.

Springview Landscape designs an outdoors that will be an extension of your home providing added space for recreation, entertainment, and relaxation.

  • Create Rooms – As we design your patio area, we can create distinct areas for cooking, dining, entertaining, and relaxing. We can define these spaces by changing elevation, by using complementary pavers for each area, or by banding to break up areas.

  • Patio – The floor of your outdoor room can be made more interesting by laying patterns or using borders to create the look of an area rug for furniture groupings. Borders and insets can also help to visually define areas. There are many color, texture, and shape options for your patio. We will help you find the paver that fits your style and budget.

  • Vertical Dimension – Adding vertical dimension to your design can transform a patio into an outdoor living area. Fire features or water features, seat walls, planters, and pillars all add to an outdoor room. Repeating accents from the horizontal surface to the vertical surface creates a harmonious and unified design.

The Front of Your Home

  • Courtyards – One of the hottest front entrance design trends is the incorporation of a courtyard. Like a traditional front porch, a courtyard provides a cozy nook where you can sit and relax, connect with your neighbors, or wait for your kids to arrive home from school. Include seat walls for a sense of privacy and casual seating or end pillars, which can be used for landscape lighting.

Pool Decks

  • Design Considerations – There’s more to designing a pool deck than meets the eye. If you have the opportunity, plan your design before the pool is installed. You’ll need to consider elevation so steps and multilevel areas can be properly designed. Drainage is always important and needs to be planned well in advance of your pool installation.

  • Select the Right Pool Deck Surface – Pool pavers should provide a non-slip surface and should be light in color so that the surface remains cool enough to walk on. Inset borders not only help define the pool edge but also allow you to complement the colors of your home.

Garden Structures

  • Pergolas, Arbors, Trellis, and Shade Grids – A custom-built cedar pergola over your patio area will not only add character to your outdoor living space but will also help shade you from the sun on hot summer days. A cedar trellis is the perfect addition over a garden walk to provide support for climbing Roses, Clematis, or Trumpet vines. Your garden landscaping is custom-built on-site using western red cedar and rust-free hardware.