Proper Planting Bed Preparation – Most plants grow in the top 6-12” of ground however, some perennials and shrubs do have roots that go much deeper than that. It is very important to add plenty of organic matter to your landscape beds in less than perfect soils. Organic matter improves the structure aeration of clay and improves moisture and nutrient retention in sandy soil.

Organic & Stone Mulching – We have access to a full line of organic and stone mulch products. Each has its useful purpose and benefits. Shredded wood products (Hardwood Mulch, Cedar Mulch, Chocolate Mulch) provide the best value and benefit for your landscape plants. They help insulate in the winter and keep root areas cool in the summer. They also decompose and release nutrients back into the soil. Stone mulches work in areas that are have fewer plantings or are in mechanical areas.

Edging & Weed Barrier Installation – There are numerous options available for defining your landscape bed areas. Here are a few:

  • Natural Edge – a trench like cut around the landscape bed perimeter
  • Plastic – economical edging product with 5-8 years of expected durability
  • Steel – rigid, comes in multiple colors, clean crisp edge
  • Aluminum – light weight and will never rust, comes in multiple colors, clean crisp edge
  • Concrete Curbing – durable, reduced maintenance, clean look

Lawn Installation – We can install your seeded or sodded lawn. Either way, the preparation of the soil is the key to a successful lawn installation. We have the necessary skill, knowledge & equipment to successfully install your lawn. We can also provide you with options on the choice of seed blend that will best suit your site.